Manitou Incline / Mount Manitou

UPDATED 8/2/2011
The easiest way to reach the trailhead is to take highway 24 West to the last Exit for Manitou Springs on Serpentine Drive. This is also the stoplight for the Cave of the Winds. Turn left (away from Cave of the Winds)onto Serpintine Drive which will descend quickly and end at Manitou Avenue. Veer left onto Manitou Aveneue and follow it to a roundabout(rotary). Exit the roundabout on Ruxton Ave heading southwest towards the Cog Railway. The trailhead is located just west of the Iron Springs Theater. Parking is usually difficult to find. Trying to find a close spot usually just results in a lot of wasted time. Just think of your walk to the trailhead as your warm up.

The standard route no longer begins in the Barr Trail parking lot. This parking lot is to be used for the Barr trail alone, access to the trail is now to be from near the old Manitoul Incline Base Station and incline hikers should park on Ruxton Ave.

Do NOT park in the parking spots for the Cog Railway. They will tow you. If you really want a close spot you can pay to park in the Iron Springs Theater parking spots. Last I saw it was $5 to park there.

Get Google directions to the Trailhead:

After finding a parking spot hike up to the beginning of the trail. Look for a road that veers to the right off of Ruxton across the street to the northwest from the Iron Springs Theater. Hike up this road.

Hike around the white building on the right that was the old Manitou Incline base station.

Around the back side of the building you'll need to go around a green gate then follow the fence up the hill to reach the trailhead.

You are now at the base of the Manitou Incline Trail.

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