aggrandizement wood floor

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aggrandizement wood floor

Postby fengqingxue » Tue Apr 17, 2018 3:44 am

with medium, high density commonly and the aggrandizement wood floor that are base material with particieboard two kinds big. From worldwide look, floor of current aggrandizement Discount Wpc Decking Sale wood is had on market of ground laid data rate it is only 2% the left and right sides, produce and sale measures year after year to increase by degrees, speed is achieved 30% , development space is very consequently large still. Be in our

country, market of aggrandizement Custom Composit Interior Flooring Sizing wood floor is in the average growth rate that goes a few years 30% , according to forecasting, henceforth year of increase rate of market of floor of our country wood be in about 10% ~ 20% . And aggrandizement wood floor compares tall reason as a result of its property value, and can have bigger market growth. To 2002, aggrandizement wood floor will obtain the ground to decking board fence enclothe

material the market of 10% above, market total capacity can amount to 90 million square metre; To 2005, aggrandizement wood floor will obtain the ground to enclothe material the market of 15% above, market total capacity can amount to 150 million square metre, aggrandizement wood floor is in future grows those who maintain two digit contemporary outdoor furniture rate inside 5 years. In addition, consider to make clear, the consumptive market of
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