the flooring industry needs more solutions

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the flooring industry needs more solutions

Postby fengqingxue » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:32 am

<p>and more to 80/90 after the close, and this part of the world and grow with the times, a single product has been difficult To meet consumer demand, the flooring industry needs more solutions. In recent years, the strength of the floor brands such as: a new generation of children's natural floor children's room, kitchen balcony balcony </p>
<p>waterproof flooring and other specialized developed a young consumer groups of flooring products, welcomed by consumers higher, but also from the side Confirmed this logic. The consumption characteristics, habits and hobbies of specific main consumers are changing the decision of manufacturers. Complete solutions, with details, will be </p>
<p>more and more popular. Of course, to develop more environmentally friendly, more suitable for the feelings of this part of the body and mind products, the industry's counterparts work together. Acuteness seeking professional solutions Floor as a specific household goods, for each space program, must be towards the ultimate </p>
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