compared with solid wood flooring

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compared with solid wood flooring

Postby fengqingxue » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:31 am

According to insiders, as a new laminate flooring products, molded flooring is the perfect combination of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, not only the clarity and fidelity of grain color compared with solid wood flooring, while also solving the traditional wood Easy to flash the floor,
Alice and white edge and other defects, with more wear-resistant, more impact and more conducive to care and maintenance, and many other obvious features. According to experts in the line analysis, the molding process is China's flooring industry, another technological revolution,
fully solidified the advantages of laminate flooring and solid wood flooring, flooring consumption this year is expected to become the mainstream. Tiange Shuangling and other units to participate in the fourth "floor project supervision certificate" training,
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