the Jin Kerry's superb product design

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the Jin Kerry's superb product design

Postby fengqingxue » Wed Sep 13, 2017 2:19 am

<p>door three-dimensional sense of strong, beautiful colors, the appearance of beautiful advantages can be almost equal to the wooden door, and realistic imitation wood grain effect, in line with public aesthetic taste, with excellent surface treatment technology, The door can almost make any pattern. Second, the composition of steel and wood door structure Gangmu suite door consists of three main parts: the door, door sets, door sets of lines. 1, the door is generally </p>
<p>0.3-0.8mm thickness of the surface pressure stereoscopic geometry of the plastic plate or paint steel and wood frame composition. 2, the door is generally used multi-layer board. 3, the door line is generally made of wood or plastic steel materials. The above content is mainly introduced the advantages of steel and wood doors and composition of the structure, we hope to understand the steel and wood suite door help. More knowledge of doors and windows, all </p>
<p>in the home decoration network.Gangmu suite door is a set of doors, with a beautiful, practical, energy saving and environmental protection features, used in the room is more common. Faced with a large number of steel doors on the market door brand, consumers are often difficult to choose, do not know which brand is better. Xiaobian below for everyone to introduce the top ten brands of steel and wood brand list for your reference. 1, Kim Kaide Kincaid brand </p>
<p>hardwood flooring manufacturers list eye<br />
how to anchor 4x4 to wall<br />
construction methods for wood plastic composite</p>
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