plant however tree king

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plant however tree king

Postby fengqingxue » Fri May 19, 2017 8:43 am

He says, do not hope to call him floor king, plant however tree king. &nbsp but the problem is, the person that pilfer is collected is if shaven head is powerful wrong, wrong, is that oppugns man-made board " bad child " is the person wrong? Apparent won't. Be in enterprise of man-made board bibcock can " Lin Ban unifinication " , the back that accords with environmental protection standard, it is the random elephant of whole industry however. "Must admit, inferior product is not little really on the market, damaged industrial reputation. " the street says.

An authoritative report that &nbsp reporter takes shows, I man-made board enterprise puts the country generally in the industry to spend dimensions of low, enterprise centrally small, most man-made board the level that the company still keeps in the labor cost with inferior support to gain competitive advantage;

And because formaldehyde exceeds bid,also be canned be found everywhere by the case of exposure. It is reported, at present wife makes the state board in the brand, can be counted on one's fingers of product of mark of environment of Chinese well-known logo, China, the business that carries attestation of European Union CE also has many 20 only.
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