How to do daily maintenance

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How to do daily maintenance

Postby fengqingxue » Fri May 19, 2017 1:21 am

<P>After the construction machinery factory, the general provisions of about 60 hours of running-in period (some called the take-in period), which is based on the use of construction machinery factory early use of technical characteristics and provisions. The run-in period is to ensure the normal operation of the construction machinery, reduce the failure rate, extend the life of the main link. But at present,China Electric Pavement Hammers some users because of the lack of engineering machinery using common sense or because of tight schedule, or want to get the benefits as soon as possible, and ignore the new machine running time special skills request. Some users even think that anyway, manufacturers have repair period, the machine is damaged by the manufacturer responsible for maintenance, so the machine in the run-in period of long time overload, resulting in frequent machine failure, which not only affects the normal application of the machine, Shorten the life of the machine, but also because of damage to the machine, affecting the progress of the project. Therefore, the use of construction machinery and the use of wear and tear should be caused by adequate weight.</P>
<P>Due to the influence of factors such as processing, assembly and dispensing of new machine parts, the friction surface is rough, the contact surface area is small, and the surface pressure state is not uniform. Machine in the course of the operation, the parts of the surface of the concave and convex parts of the friction with each other, grinding down the metal debris, but also as abrasive, continue to participate in friction,road crack sealant more speed parts with the surface wear. Therefore, during the run-in period easily caused by parts (especially with the surface) of the wear and tear, fast wear speed. At this time, if the overload operation, it may lead to damage to parts, the occurrence of early failure.</P>
<P>It is difficult to ensure the uniformity of the gap due to the assembly gap and other reasons, and the lubricating oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform oil film on the friction surface to prevent wear. Thereby reducing the lubrication performance,emulsified asphalt sprayer notes resulting in early wear and tear of the machine. Serious will result in precision with the friction surface scratches or occlusal phenomenon, leading to the occurrence of failure.</P>
<P>In the early stages of application, due to the impact of vibration, vibration and other alternating load, as well as the impact of heat, deformation and other factors,high quality paver sealing machine for sale coupled with wear and tear too fast and other reasons, easy to make the use of new parts, there is a geometric shape and fit with the size of the deviation The parts that had been fastened were loose.</P>
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