point of the door and the wall is too small

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point of the door and the wall is too small

Postby fengqingxue » Thu May 18, 2017 3:33 pm

<p>the purchase of solid wood furniture, it is necessary to pay attention to the surface treatment process, exquisite workmanship can effectively prevent moisture. In addition, the best choice of well-known furniture brands, most of the material itself has a moisture-proof effect, so that the furniture is relatively easy to damp some. Two, plate furniture damp symptoms: panel furniture generally through the edge </p>
<p>treatment, anti moisture ability than solid wood. However, the junction of plate furniture will be swelling and deformation due to the increase of moisture content, which can lead to cracking of the surface plate. Moisture maintenance: pay attention to keep the joints clean, so as not to dust moisture absorption expansion, causing cracking. In the joints, such as easy to absorb water, to do a good job sealing </p>
<p>measures. Moisture treatment: the first floor or basement, the ground is relatively wet, should be placed under the plate furniture moisture-proof pad. Moisture, moisture moisture absorption bag in a timely manner. Tip: the purchase of panel furniture, should choose the substrate is not exposed to the furniture, that is, the edge of the process of better furniture, in order to prevent substrate moisture. Editor's </p>
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