treat domestic stock

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treat domestic stock

Postby fengqingxue » Thu May 18, 2017 7:46 am

Talk about here did you understand? If you are home,buy the home, it is OK that you treat domestic stock, although abroad drops madly, if domestic stock is insufficient, do you think lumber business does not miss profit? If you are lumber importer, you need domestic abroad to look, if domestic reserve is huge, although abroad goes up all the time, don't you depreciate go out so that use money? If foreign inventory is insufficient, open full project, are you necessary undersell the goods of your home? (small signal author: SPF adds deal capable person)

Among them, 4 batch product is bibulous ply expands rate is unqualified, intensity of static music of 4 batch product is unqualified, intensity of the agglutination inside 2 batch product is unqualified. Qualitative check total bureau expresses, this second the area was produced to selective examination in concentration the 16 batch of Guangdong province, Heibei province and Henan province, 7 batch and 8 batch product, rejected product check goes out rate it is respectively 0, 28.6% with 12.5% .

Selective examination discovery, the Tang Dynasty the county collects silver-colored timber industry beneficial of limited company, Wen An county connects Long Xiang of particieboard factory, Shenyang city of man-made board factory, Shenyang is green Song Ling Yang Kaisen of particieboard factory, distant Da Mu course of study limited company, Jiangsu dark. "wood composite fencing cost more than wood fencing,add a vinyl fence extention to a vinyl fence,handmade recycled wood fence panels for flooring"
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